Flower Rainbow 200 Spinner

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Designed to help twist, turn, twirl, and bring more swirl to your world.

The combination of slightly glittering stainless steel elements in conjunction with the color-painted petals creates a unique visual effect. The red glass ball inside the windspinner completes the design harmoniously.

Even with a slight breeze, the windspinner begins to turn. Sunlight is reflected off the individual stainless steel segments, creating an impressive lighting effect. The light-colored petals of the windspinner also create beautiful light reflections: the UV light is captured and radiated through the side edges.

Thanks to the included suspension, you can quickly and easily hang the windspinner anywhere. Whether in the living room or outside on the terrace - the windspinner FLOWER RAINBOW 200 gives every place a special flair.


Dimensions 17,5 x 20 cm

Stainless steel / glass

UV-resistant and weatherproof / light-reflecting

Hook with ball bearing swivel