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1st Chakra – Root Chakra - C note - Located at the base of the spine.

The note of the Root Chakra is the lowest of all seven chakras. It is associated with survival, security, and the physical body.

This singing bowl is perfectly tuned to note C and the ideal frequency of 440 Hz for root chakra. Playing it with the accompanying mallet would allow you to create mellow sounds and activate and energize the root chakra.

Its function is survival and grounding. Its inner state is stillness and stability.

 Balancing this chakra gives energy to the physical body, control fear, increases overall health and helps in grounding. 

Here is a basic root chakra cleansing method for beginners using a singing bowl:

  • Sit comfortably with your spine straight and shoulders relaxed. Use a meditation pillow if planning to meditate for a longer time period. Close the eyes, breathe deeply, and let go of all the stress in your muscles. Focus on the physical location of the root chakra.

  • Pick the singing bowl corresponding to the root chakra and place it in front of you on a pillow or O-ring.

  • Set the intention that you’re trying to cleanse or balance your root chakra.

  • Gently tap the rim or outer edge of the bowl three times with the striker.

  • Begin making your sound sing by pressing the striker in a circular motion until a clear, sustainable sound is produced.

  • Rotate your full arm in clockwise direction to sustain the sound by making a circular motion outside of the bowl.

  • Focus on the sound and resonance of the bowl

Root Chakra Stressors

  • Money

  • Food

The Perfect Chakra Gift. A gift that will make someone more than happy - bringing a little extra inner calm.

 Size: 8x8x5 (cm) -Parts: Brass


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