Are you looking for some fun Christmas gift ideas for kids?

It’s not easy to find something different that will actually put a smile on your child’s face. That’s why we like to suggest fun and quirky ideas at GiftWorks and Christmas gifts that will fill your home with little bit of magic during the festive period. With that said, let’s take a look at five Christmas gifts for kids that you should check out. 

1. RED5 - RC Remote Control Toys Robot

Red5 is a very intelligent robot that can talk, sing and dance. You can even control the robot with hand gestures and RED5 is programmable which means you can set it up to perform more than 50 different actions and all without touching the robot. That said, there is a remote control which allows you to get a little more hands-on and the very kid-friendly robot is suitable for ages 6+.

 Check Out the RED5 Robot Here

 2. Froggly Automatic Soap Bubble Machine

 Froggly is the super-cute frog that bring a touch of magic to your child’s Christmas. It’s true, this adorable little frog emits more than 500 bubbles per minute and uses any type of bubble soap to help create a fantasy-like atmosphere. In case you might be asking yourself, you simply fill the frog up with bubble-soap and click the power button which activates a propeller system that pushes the bubbles into the air. Cute, simple and so much fun - this is one of the Christmas gifts for kids that whole family will appreciate!

 Check Out the Froggly Buble Machine Here

 3. Kids Care Fire Truck

 It might look like the real thing but this speedster model is actually a metal baby carrier that was built in the shape of a fire truck! A suitable Christmas gift for kids between 1 and 3 years old, the fire truck is a very fun and comfortable way for young “aspiring firefighters” to get ready for their dream carer path. While there is no brake feature, we don’t expect this little truck to be going very fast and the small size makes it suitable for both inside and outside the house.

Check it Out the Kids Fire Truck Here

 4. Air Shooting Darts - Electronic Arcade Game

 This Air Shooting Darts hame puts a fun spin on target practice for children. In terms of function, the device levitates five polystyrene balls into the air and kids can then pull back the slides on their blaster (gun) and aim at one of the targets. The darts are made of foam and it’s an inclusive game that kids can play with their friends and family. If you’re still not sure what the game involves, there’s a short video on the link below about these Christmas gifts for kids.

 Check Out the Air Shooting Darts Game Here

 5. Roll Up Drum Kit

 What’s not to love about this roll away drum kit that doesn’t fill the house with noise? It comes with nine different pads that replicate the cymbals, snares, bass and toms on a real drum kit. There are even foot pedal for more control and various modes including a recording feature which can be especially satisfying - when your child gets it right. The material (silicone and wood) is non-toxic and the headphone socket will ensure all ”noise” is kept to a minimum!

Check Out the Roll Up Drum Kit Here

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