Umbrella Little Girl Lamp "Cooki"

Umbrella Little Girl Lamp "Cooki"

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

We do here at Giftworks. Radically changing the appearance of a room with one object doesn't seem possible? You'll have to stand back with these gorgeous lamps. These Lamps compose a new way of thinking about decoration and lighting. The common point is the originality, the quality and the use of friendly for the environment materials as wood, ceramic, fabric, metal and paper. Slim and tall women, well dressed girls are a perfect selection for all type of areas. Each one named after its own personality. The movement of clothes is inspired by the wind wind of the city of thessaloniki ancient thessaloniki in Greece. The Elegance and originality of these lamps will amaze everyone.

But hurry up they are limited edition.

Height:  85cm  /  Width:  35cm  /  Length:  20cm