Robin Print Framed 9 x 9 inches

Color: Green
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Timeless design draw inspiration from the beautiful natural landscapes of Ireland. Even more special and wonderful are these pictures are Handmade in Dunshaughlin Co.Meath Ireland.

Colour; Red breast & face, brown back with whitish underside. 
Nesting; On or near the ground in hedges etc. in well concealed hollows or nooks.
Habitat; Widespread throughout the country in many different habitats.
Feeding; Insects & fruit, but will eat from bird feeders.
Mating; Robins have 2 or 3 broods a season starting in early spring with 4-6 eggs per brood.
Life span in the wild; Average 2 years.

Lore; The Robin is known as a courageous little bird who will defend his territory to the last and is very closely associated with Christmas. 

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