Irish Gifts Gold Finch 9x9 Framed print

Color: Light Brown
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Timeless design draw inspiration from the beautiful natural landscapes of Ireland. What makes this picture so wonderfully unique is it’s handmade in Ireland.

Goldfinch  Irish;   Lasair choille         
Colour; Black & yellow wings, a striking red face with black & white markings. 
Nesting;  High in tree branches.
Habitat; Woodland, orchards and gardens throughout the country.
Feeding; Mainly seeds and will use bird feeders.
Mating;  Early May to August, 2/3 brood per year, 5 or 6 eggs per brood.
Life span in the wild; 2 years on average.
Lore;  It is said that if the first bird a girl sees on St. Valentine’s day is a Goldfinch, she is guaranteed a wealthy marriage, if a Robin she’ll marry a sailor, if a Blue Tit, don’t ask.
In Choice of 2 Finishes Green or Light Brown


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